Leasing Information

At The Fox Village Apartments, our residents lease their bedrooms individually, meaning you’ll never be responsible for your roommate’s rent or individual lease contract. All of our apartments are fully furnished with furniture throughout (additional details are below). The rent for all of the apartments includes water, sewer, internet and cable. Electricity is billed separately. All you have to do is move-in, decorate and enjoy!

Individual Leasing (by the bed)

There are many benefits to individual leasing! These include not having to put down deposits on each of your utilities and not having to worry about collecting random amounts from each of your roommate(s)! Each month you will only have one rental rate that will be individually owed, so even if one your roommates are late, you won’t be penalized! This is also something that is very comforting to co-signers, knowing that they will only be co-signing for one person/resident and their portion of the rent. It gives a lot of cosigners peace of mind knowing they don’t have to be responsible for anyone else in the unit. 

Payment Plan Options

  1. Pay per month – includes a one time $100 payment plan fee
  2. Pay upfront per semester
  3. Pay upfront per semester with financial aid – Must provide a copy of the Financial aid Award summary. Semester rent is deferred until after financial aid is disbursed.